ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router Login Admin Username, Password, IP

Default Factory Settings of ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router

IP Address :
Username :
Password :

How to Login to ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router

ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router has web interface that provides access router admin panel where you can configure router, change settings and also do diagnostics tests.

Follow these step by step instructions to login to ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router
  1. Make sure that computer or laptop is connected to router. You can either connect through WiFi or Ethernet cable. If you do not remember WiFi, it is better to connect via Ethernet cable.
  2. After connecting to router, open internet browser. You can use any browser of your choice.
  3. Now type IP address of ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) in address bar. IP address of prouter is already mentioned above. Press Enter to load router web interface.
  4. Browser will display router admin web interface and you will see input fields for username and password.
  5. Type in default login username and password shown above and click on Login button.
  6. If everything is correct, you will get access to router admin panel where you can diagnose and troubleshoot router, configure and change settings.

Common ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Login Problems

Above instructions will work most of the times to login to router. But everyone makes mistakes. You might face few generic problems if you do not pay attention to details.

ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Wrong Password
If you get invalid credential or wrong password error, please check that you are correctly typing default login username and password. If you have changed default password, try to remember it. If you can not remember it, you have to hard reset router to factory settings using instructions below.

ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Admin Login Page Not Loading
If router login page is not loading, check network connection again. You can do simple ping test to know that you are connected to router. If network is fine, check IP address carefully. Many people make mistake while typing IP address in address bar of browser.

How to Reset ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router To Default Settings

Using Reset Button

  1. Remove all networking cables from router.
  2. Power on router.
  3. Locate reset button on the back of router.
  4. Using a clip or any pointed thing like pen, press rest button and hold it pressing for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Release reset button after 60 seconds.
  6. This will reset router to factory default settings. Login to router using default login and password details and make necessary config and change settings to make it secure.

Using Login Admin Panel Interface

  1. Connect router to laptop or computer using Ethernet cable.
  2. Login to router admin panel.
  3. Move to Maintenance tab.
  4. Click on Restore Factory Default / Reset to Default button. It is better to take backup of current settings before changing to factory default settings.
  5. Wait for 60-120 seconds.
  6. Reload login page after 60-120 seconds. You have to now login using default login and password.

ZyXEL WAP6806 (Armor X1) Router Specifications (Specs)

Default Login User
Default SSID
No of LAN Ports
LAN Speed
CPU 1 Brand
CPU 1 Clock Speed
CPU 1 Cores
CPU 1 Model
CPU 2 Brand
CPU 2 Clock Speed
CPU 2 Cores
CPU 2 Model
RAM 1 Capacity/MiB
RAM 1 Brand
RAM 2 Model
Radio 1 802.11 Protocols
Radio 1 Antenna Connector
Radio 1 Chip 1 Brand
Radio 1 Chip 1 Model
Radio 1 Chip 2 Brand
Radio 1 Chip 2 Model
Radio 1 MIMO Config
Radio 1 IF Module
Mini PCIe (oversize)
Radio 2 802.11 Protocols
Radio 2 Antenna Connector
Radio 2 Chip 1 Brand
Radio 2 Chip 1 Model
Radio 2 MIMO Config
Tag Line
AC2100 Dual-Band Wireless Gigabit Access Point/Range Extender
Global Type
embedded system, range extender