TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wireless Router Review

We couldn't help but review the TP-Link AC1900 as it is probably one of the fastest routers in this list. Providing a speed of 1.9 GBPS, you can hardly have any complains, at least in regard to speed. The rest is not disappointing at all either. It has a decent coverage and more than a few extra perks than the norm. Here is why you can give this a look. Product Highlights:
  • Provides 1.9 GBPS speed in total
  • 3x detachable antennas
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 GHz dual-core processor
  • Provides file storage and remote access through FTP server
  • Provides media sharing
  • Beamforming Technology
Why Should You Buy TP-Link AC1900 Smart Wireless Router?

Fast Internet

Among all the high-speed routers that we have been discussing, the AC1900 probably steals the show. With dual-band coverage, it provides about 1300 MBPS at 5.0 GHz and 600 MBps at 2.4GHz. Even if you are using the 2.4GHz frequency, you can still download a movie or two, albeit with a little bit patience. But connect it with the higher bandwidth and you can forget that buffering even exists. Awesome, isn't it? Apart from that, it comes with a 1GHz dual-core processor. This promises uninterrupted internet connectivity. If both you and another family member are downloading a movie or binging online, neither of you will suffer through slower connectivity. If you do, the beamforming technology ensures that the device with the heavier use will be prioritized.

FTP Server

Not only can you store your files on this router but you can access them through the FTP server. And I don't mean that you can access them while connected to the device but you can do so even when not at home. How great is that? You can configure ftp setting through router admin panel at

Versatile Compatibility

You can, of course, connect your newest laptop or tablet or phone with this router. However, that is a must for all the routers that you can choose from. But remember that first laptop that you bought? This will probably work with that as well as it can connect to devices older than 802.11ac. It also can run in wider weather settings than most routers. So if you have trouble choosing a router due to extreme weather conditions, check this out. It might suit your requirements.

Detachable Antennas

While antennas ensure better connectivity, they also require a lot of vertical space. And they might not be necessary if you are working right by your router. Moreover, the router also is aligned vertically. However, here, you do have the advantage of detaching and reattaching the antennas when necessary. But do keep in mind that detaching them will probably compromise on the range and coverage and even quality of the connection. It is better to just select a dedicated spot and keep it on. Other than a few connectivity problems there is little to complain about regarding this router. But they are random and if your product has a glitch, you can always exchange it. A harmless bugbear you can easily deal with.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, TP-Link AC1900 is a mass favorite for all the right reasons. It is very easy to set up and is packed with features that’ll make internet browsing and streaming videos a great experience for you. Moreover, it also connects with older PC models without a hitch. Overall, definitely a great buy if you want a router that has all the necessary features for bufferless streaming and lightning fast browsing speed at home.