10 Things That Block WiFi Signals

Wi-Fi and mobile data are the basis of the internet that we are so fond of. Wi-Fi especially is usually considered to be the superior of the two. None has a distinct upper hand over the other and it all depends on personal preference. W

ith that being said, there is no doubt Wi-Fi has become more popular over the past few years. Today it is a commonplace in households. However, in our households Wi-Fi can face a lot of obstacles which can hinder its speed and lead to a slow internet. Here are 10 of the worst things in your house that can block your Wi-Fi signal.

1. Metal

Wi-Fi signal is nothing but a set of radio waves. These waves travel through a path to reach to the receiver present inside of your devices. They meet obstructions on their way which can weaken them and metal is one of the most common such obstruction. The Wi-Fi router should be kept at such a place where it is not obstructed by anything metal.

2. Big Electrical Appliances

Appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, coolers, radiators etc can block out and weaken your Wi-Fi signal too. Apart from their electronic waves, them having parts made of metal too pose harm to the Wi-Fi radio waves.

3. Drywalls

While drywalls are not that big a obstruction for the Wi-Fi signal radio waves they are still one of the materials that create interference in signal transmission. As drywalls are a commonplace in the entirety of a household, they can weaken your Wi-Fi signal.

4. Furniture

Furniture is an integral part of any household’s layout and look. However, the big fancy couches, wardrobes, beds etc can cause an obstruction to the Wi-Fi signals’ pathway. It’s better to not place your Wi-Fi router behind one of them to keep your connection intact.

5. Concrete Walls

Drywalls are not the only walls that can cause a problem with your Wi-Fi signal. Comcrete walls are no different when it comes down to this. Thicker are the walls, worse they are for the signal. The Wi-Fi router should be placed away from any walls.

6. Mirrors

It might be surprising but your mirrors might be hindering your Wi-Fi signal as well. It’s not the fault of the glass itself but the metal behind of it. Thin mirrors without any metal base do no harm to the Wi-Fi although.

7. Ceramic Tiles

Thick ceramic tiles can interfere with the flow of Wi-Fi radio waves and affect your connection. The fact that ceramic tiles are used in multiple parts of a house makes it worse.

8. Windows

While it might sound like a lie, window panes can reflect signal waves transmitted by your Wi-Fi router. Some windows also have transparent films which can block the signals even further. Placing a Wi-Fi behind a window would be a bad choice.

9. Tinted Glass

A tinted glass consists of different materials that give it the color and block out the sunshine and other lights from entering. These material also possess the capability of blocking out the Wi-Fi signals so it would be better keeping your router away from them.

10. Water

Water has been proven to be blocking radio waves. It can absorb radio waves if they pass through it which can cause a big impact on the Wi-Fi signal. Aquariums and water tanks are two things you should keep your Wi-Fi router away from.

These were the 10 worst things that might be eating up your Wi-Fi signal. Make sure your router is placed away from them and keep enjoying a fast internet.