Sitecom Router Admin Login, Password, IP

Sitecom Routers Default IP

Below is list of default IP addresses of Sitecom routers. Click on Admin Login button to login to router.

Sitecom Router Login

Use following procedure to login to Router.
  • Connect your computer or laptop to Sitecom router. Either connect through local area network or wifi network. It is preferable to connect via local area network than wifi. If you connect through wifi, there is always possibility of dropping of network connect and losing access to router while making important changes in router settings.
  • Open any browser like Chrome, Opera, Firefox or MS Edge.
  • Type default IP address of router in address url bar and press Enter.
  • Browser will show router admin page and ask for username and password. Type in default username and password in respective input fields and click on Login button. If username and password is correct, you will log into router admin console.

Common Sitecom Router Login Problems

Login Page not Loading
If you get login page not loading error, it means you are trying to access wrong ip address. Please check ip address of router and enter correct address. You can get router ip address from default router username and password page.

Also make sure that your computer is connected to Sitecom router properly and it can reach router. Always check network status and make sure that network is up.

Incorrect Username / Password
Make sure that you are entering correct username and password for Sitecom router. If you are not sure of login credential, please check corresponding router page for default username and password. If that still does not solve problem, reset your router using hard reset button. This will erase all settings that you have modified on router and put default factory settings on router. Whenever you change router password, always note it down on a piece of paper or document.

Sitecom Router Models
Sitecom Greyhound v1
Sitecom WL-106
Sitecom WL-111
Sitecom WL-122
Sitecom WL-183
Sitecom WL-304
Sitecom WL-306
Sitecom WL-308
Sitecom WL-309
Sitecom WL-351 v1 002
Sitecom WLR-6000
Sitecom WLR-6100
Sitecom WLR-7100
Sitecom WLR-8100
Sitecom WLR-8200
Sitecom WLR-9000
Sitecom WLR-9500