What is Mesh Router

Mesh router is recent technological innovation in routers field. A mesh router makes hotspot available anywhere in your house. It spreads wifi signal evenly throughout house and completely removes dead zones from house.

A mesh router is combination of a master router and one or more slave routers or nodes. Master is connects to internet through DSL line or modem.

Master and slave routers connects with each other to create a wireless signal mesh thus making wifi available in every corner.

Mesh routers are better than wifi range extender. A wifi range extender just extends original signal. It does not create a new signal. Thus signal strength decreases as you move away from extender. Mesh routers on other hand provides same signal strength everywhere. This makes them perfectly suitable for places where you concrete walls, microwave ovens, glass balls and other physical obstacles that weakens wifi signal.

Operating Frequency

Mesh router operate on 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz frequency. They transmit and receive data over these frequencies.

Triband mesh routers operate over one band of 2.4 GHz and two bands of 5 Ghz

All smartphones, laptops, streaming devices that has support for 802.11ac standard will use any of bands to connect to mesh router.

Compatible Devices for Mesh Routers

As mesh routers make wifi signal omnipresent, it makes your home smarter. You can connect various devices to wifi and cut the cord. Some of the device that can be connected to mesh routers are

Wi-Fi Cams

When it comes to security of your house or keeping an eye on kids, no one wants to take chance. And it is now very easy to keep eyes on kids or your surrounding with wifi cams. Wifi cams can connect to mesh router and stream video on real time. Moreover with advanced wifi cam you can also use them as video conferencing solution and interact with your kids from your office or other place.

Smart Speakers

Amazon launched first smart assistant gadget, Alexa and it has become hit. Alexa can connect to compatible mesh router. Then you can use voice commands to get weather information, latest news, or listen to your favorite songs.

Other than Alexa, there are many smart assistant gadgets like Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, Google Home.

Echo Dot also have a tiny screen so you can watch you tube videos and Amazon Price. Or you can make video calls from Echo Dot.

Smart Lighting Sensors

Smart lights paired with mesh routers completely removes need for switches. There smart lights solution from lighting major Philips. Philips Hue Mini Kit is one versatile gadget that comes with multi color bulb and hub. You can manage upto 50 bulbs with it.

Media Players

Amazon, Google and Apply have their own media players that can connect to mesh router and stream movies, tv shows, games, music on TV.  Connecting to mesh network is as easy as tapping on a button.

Amazon has Amazon Fire Stick media player. You can access Amazon Prime, Netflix. But you can not access YouTube.

Google has Chromecast 2 that you can use for watching photos, videos on YouTube and Netflix. Good thing about chromecast is that you can run apps on Android phone, iPhone, iMac and Windows laptop and stream it.

Apple has its own media player called Apple TV. You can stream content from iPad, iPhone using AirPlay.

There are many mesh routers in market. Some of the good routers are Netgear Orbi RBK 40, Tenda Nova MW6, D-Link Covr-1203, Asus Aimesh. While buying mesh router always keep a check on purpose. You should have an idea of area that you want to cover with mesh router and accordingly buy suitable mesh routers.