Default Router Username and Password

All routers come with default settings. This includes username and password also. If you have forgotten password of router admin panel, here is convenient tool to find out username and password. Select your router brand from drop down list. And it will display all the default router login id and password. If there are more than one result, you have to try all the usernames and password. But do not mix and match result. That way you will never login to router.

Router Brand

Login IP



3Com admin admin
Belkin admin admin
Buffalo root (none)
Cisco admin admin
Dell root calvin
Digicom user password
Deutche Telekom admin (none)
Huawei http://192.168.1 admin admin
Ironport admin ironport
Linksys admin admin
Lucent root ascend
Netgear admin password
Siemens sysadmin sysadmin
Sitecom sitecom admin
Thomson user user
US Robotics admin admin
This list is useful when you have not changed default password. If you have changed password and forgotten it, only way to login to router is by resetting router. After resetting, router will have default values.