D-Link AC1750 Gigabit Wi-Fi Router Review

Of course, your mobile internet would serve your on-the-go internet usage. And that’s what we usually revert back to when our Wi-Fi router stops working. Either they are expensive or they are low quality. Going through the varied options in the market, we only found a few that ticks all the right boxes without burning a hole in the pocket. D-Link is probably one of the most famous brands of Wi-Fi routers. While the high-speed internet is probably a given, we do require a little bit more when it comes to our final choice. Product Highlights:
  • Provides Dual-band technology
  • Provides a wider coverage area
  • Provides uninterrupted internet
  • Provides high-speed internet
  • Amplified wireless signal
  • Provides Dual-active firewall
  • Provides guest network
  • Comes at an affordable cost
Why Should You Choose D-Link AC1750 Gigabit Wi-Fi Router?

Faster Internet with Better Coverage

While it's probably not the best choice for your office or for any commercial use that would require a large area coverage, for the average home, we found this to be pretty reliable. In most cases, even the best routers have low coverage if you are not on the same floor as the router. But as long as you don't stretch it too tight, you can easily connect the upstairs computer to the Wi-Fi. Also, you might notice the three antennas which ensure that the signal is amplified to the maximum. Apart from this, as it uses Gigabit Ethernet, the outcome is much faster than regular Ethernet connections.

Firewall Security

You can connect this to a modem or you can just directly connect it to your laptop with the Ethernet cable. Another is the Firewall security it provides. It comes with a dual-active firewall and a guest network, both of which help protect your devices. You have to configure firewall by going to 192.168.l.l or router panel page depending on model.

Dual-Band Technology

The router also provides a dual-band technology. Routers are not magic devices that can connect to an unlimited amount of devices, even if it might seem so. They do have their limits. And there are ways to subvert them as well. The dual-band technology ensures that you do not have to necessarily use the 5 GHz high-speed band for even the smallest job like checking your emails. For those jobs that do not require heavy usage, just connect the 2.4 GHz band for more versatile coverage. Save the high band speed for your Netflix binges or heavy downloads. You can easily avoid a congested internet that you face with numerous devices connected to the Wi-Fi, even if some of them are barely using it. Wrap up The router also takes very little time to set up. Ease of use is one of the main criteria I chose to review this router for. This model offers a new user interface with which you can set yourself up with the Quick Router App very easily. More or less, within its price range, it's one of the best routers for small-sized apartments and buildings. Of course, you do have to take care that there are as few obstructions as well. Wi-Fi network does not traverse some mediums easily as they do others. The customer service can be a bit shabby at times. But in most cases, that isn’t really an issue.