D-Link Router Admin Login, Password, IP

D-Link Routers Default IP

Below is list of default IP addresses of D-Link routers. Click on Admin Login button to login to router.

D-Link Router Login

Use following procedure to login to Router.
  • Connect your computer or laptop to D-Link router. Either connect through local area network or wifi network. It is preferable to connect via local area network than wifi. If you connect through wifi, there is always possibility of dropping of network connect and losing access to router while making important changes in router settings.
  • Open any browser like Chrome, Opera, Firefox or MS Edge.
  • Type default IP address of router in address url bar and press Enter.
  • Browser will show router admin page and ask for username and password. Type in default username and password in respective input fields and click on Login button. If username and password is correct, you will log into router admin console.

Common D-Link Router Login Problems

Login Page not Loading
If you get login page not loading error, it means you are trying to access wrong ip address. Please check ip address of router and enter correct address. You can get router ip address from default router username and password page.

Also make sure that your computer is connected to D-Link router properly and it can reach router. Always check network status and make sure that network is up.

Incorrect Username / Password
Make sure that you are entering correct username and password for D-Link router. If you are not sure of login credential, please check corresponding router page for default username and password. If that still does not solve problem, reset your router using hard reset button. This will erase all settings that you have modified on router and put default factory settings on router. Whenever you change router password, always note it down on a piece of paper or document.

D-Link Router Models
D-Link COVR-2200 rev A1
D-Link COVR-2600R
D-Link DAP-1160L rev A1
D-Link DAP-1350 rev A1
D-Link DAP-1350 rev B1
D-Link DAP-1353 rev B1
D-Link DAP-1360 rev A1
D-Link DAP-1525 rev B1
D-Link DAP-1533 rev A1
D-Link DAP-2320 rev A1
D-Link DAP-2660 rev A1
D-Link DAP-3220
D-Link DAP-3310 rev A1
D-Link DAP-3760 rev B1
D-Link DAP-3860 rev A1
D-Link DCM-202 rev A1
D-Link DCM-301
D-Link DCM-604 rev A1
D-Link DGL-4300 rev A1
D-Link DGL-4300 rev A2
D-Link DGL-4500 rev A1
D-Link DGL-4500 rev A2
D-Link DGL-5500 rev A1
D-Link DHP-1320 rev A1
D-Link DHP-1565 rev A1
D-Link DI-514 rev B1
D-Link DI-514 rev C1
D-Link DI-524 rev A1
D-Link DI-524 rev A2
D-Link DI-524 rev B2
D-Link DI-524 rev B4
D-Link DI-524 rev C1
D-Link DI-524 rev D1
D-Link DI-524 rev E1
D-Link DI-524 rev G1
D-Link DI-524 rev G2
D-Link DI-524 rev H1
D-Link DI-524 rev I1
D-Link DI-524SU rev E8
D-Link DI-524UP
D-Link DI-614+ rev A1 / A2
D-Link DI-614+ rev B1
D-Link DI-614+ rev B2
D-Link DI-624+
D-Link DI-624+ rev A1
D-Link DI-624+ rev B2
D-Link DI-624M
D-Link DI-624 rev A1
D-Link DI-624 rev B1
D-Link DI-624 rev C1
D-Link DI-624 rev C2/C3
D-Link DI-624 rev D2
D-Link DI-624 rev E1
D-Link DI-624S rev A1
D-Link DI-624S rev B1
D-Link DI-634M rev B1
D-Link DI-711
D-Link DI-713
D-Link DI-713P rev A1
D-Link DI-713P rev E1
D-Link DI-714P+ rev B1
D-Link DI-714 rev A1
D-Link DI-724U rev A1
D-Link DI-754
D-Link DI-764
D-Link DI-774 rev A2
D-Link DI-784
D-Link DI-824VUP rev A
D-Link DI-824VUP rev B1
D-Link DIR-1360 rev A1
D-Link DIR-1750 rev A1
D-Link DIR-1760 rev A1
D-Link DIR-1950 rev A1
D-Link DIR-1960 rev A1
D-Link DIR-2660 rev A1
D-Link DIR-2680
D-Link DIR-280
D-Link DIR-300/NRU rev B7
D-Link DIR-300 rev A1
D-Link DIR-300 rev B1
D-Link DIR-300 rev C1
D-Link DIR-300 rev D1
D-Link DIR-300S rev A1
D-Link DIR-301
D-Link DIR-3060 rev A1
D-Link DIR-320 NRU B1
D-Link DIR-320 rev A1
D-Link DIR-320 rev A2
D-Link DIR-320 rev D1
D-Link DIR-330
D-Link DIR-400 A1
D-Link DIR-410
D-Link DIR-412 rev A1
D-Link DIR-412 rev B1
D-Link DIR-430 rev A1
D-Link DIR-450 rev A1
D-Link DIR-455 rev A1
D-Link DIR-455U
D-Link DIR-456 rev A1
D-Link DIR-456U
D-Link DIR-501 rev A1
D-Link DIR-505 rev A1
D-Link DIR-506L rev A1
D-Link DIR-508L rev A1
D-Link DIR-513 rev A2
D-Link DIR-515 rev A1
D-Link DIR-516 rev A1
D-Link DIR-524 rev A1
D-Link DIR-524 rev B1
D-Link DIR-600L rev A1
D-Link DIR-600L rev B1
D-Link DIR-600 rev A1
D-Link DIR-600 rev B1
D-Link DIR-600 rev B1/B2
D-Link DIR-600 rev B5
D-Link DIR-600 rev C1
D-Link DIR-600 rev C2
D-Link DIR-600 rev D1
D-Link DIR-601L rev A1
D-Link DIR-601 rev A1
D-Link DIR-601 rev B1
D-Link DIR-602L rev A1
D-Link DIR-602 rev A1
D-Link DIR-603
D-Link DIR-604 rev A1
D-Link DIR-605L rev A1
D-Link DIR-605L rev B1
D-Link DIR-605L rev B2
D-Link DIR-605 rev A2
D-Link DIR-605 rev B1
D-Link DIR-605 rev D1
D-Link DIR-610N+ rev A1
D-Link DIR-610 rev A1
D-Link DIR-614 rev A1
D-Link DIR-614 rev B1
D-Link DIR-615 rev A1
D-Link DIR-615 rev B2
D-Link DIR-615 rev C1
D-Link DIR-615 rev D
D-Link DIR-615 rev E1
D-Link DIR-615 rev E3 / E4
D-Link DIR-615 rev E5
D-Link DIR-615 rev F3
D-Link DIR-615 rev G1
D-Link DIR-615 rev H1
D-Link DIR-615 rev I1
D-Link DIR-615 rev I3
D-Link DIR-615 rev K1
D-Link DIR-615 rev K2
D-Link DIR-615 rev M1
D-Link DIR-615 rev N1
D-Link DIR-615 rev Q2
D-Link DIR-615 rev R1
D-Link DIR-615 rev S1
D-Link DIR-615 rev T1
D-Link DIR-615 rev T3
D-Link DIR-615S rev A1
D-Link DIR-618 rev A1
D-Link DIR-618 rev B1
D-Link DIR-619L rev A1
D-Link DIR-619L rev B1
D-Link DIR-619 rev A1
D-Link DIR-620 rev A1
D-Link DIR-620 rev A1A
D-Link DIR-620 rev B1
D-Link DIR-620 rev C1
D-Link DIR-620 rev D1
D-Link DIR-620 rev E1
D-Link DIR-620 rev F1
D-Link DIR-620 rev G1
D-Link DIR-625 rev A1
D-Link DIR-625 rev A2
D-Link DIR-625 rev C1
D-Link DIR-625 rev C2
D-Link DIR-626L rev A1
D-Link DIR-627
D-Link DIR-628 rev A1
D-Link DIR-628 rev A2
D-Link DIR-632
D-Link DIR-635 rev A1
D-Link DIR-635 rev B1
D-Link DIR-635 rev B3
D-Link DIR-636L rev A1
D-Link DIR-640L
D-Link DIR-645L rev A1
D-Link DIR-645 rev A1
D-Link DIR-651 rev Ax
D-Link DIR-652 rev A1
D-Link DIR-652 rev B1
D-Link DIR-653 rev A1
D-Link DIR-655 rev A1/A2
D-Link DIR-655 rev A3
D-Link DIR-655 rev A4
D-Link DIR-655 rev B1
D-Link DIR-655 rev C1
D-Link DIR-657
D-Link DIR-660
D-Link DIR-665 rev A1
D-Link DIR-685
D-Link DIR-802 rev A1
D-Link DIR-803 rev A1
D-Link DIR-803 rev B1
D-Link DIR-806A rev A1
D-Link DIR-808L rev A1
D-Link DIR-809 rev A1
D-Link DIR-809 rev A2
D-Link DIR-810L rev A1
D-Link DIR-810L rev B1
D-Link DIR-815 rev A1
D-Link DIR-815 rev B1
D-Link DIR-815 rev C1
D-Link DIR-815 rev D1
D-Link DIR-816L rev A1
D-Link DIR-816 rev A1
D-Link DIR-818L rev A1
D-Link DIR-819 rev A1
D-Link DIR-820L rev A1
D-Link DIR-820L rev B1
D-Link DIR-822 rev A1
D-Link DIR-822 rev D1
D-Link DIR-825 rev A1
D-Link DIR-825 rev B1
D-Link DIR-825 rev C1
D-Link DIR-825 rev D1
D-Link DIR-825 rev E1
D-Link DIR-825 rev G1
D-Link DIR-826L rev A1
D-Link DIR-827
D-Link DIR-835 rev A1
D-Link DIR-836L rev A1
D-Link DIR-840L
D-Link DIR-842 rev A1
D-Link DIR-842 rev C1
D-Link DIR-843 rev A1
D-Link DIR-845L rev A1
D-Link DIR-850L rev A1
D-Link DIR-853 rev A1
D-Link DIR-855L rev A1
D-Link DIR-855 rev A1
D-Link DIR-855 rev A2
D-Link DIR-857
D-Link DIR-859 rev A1
D-Link DIR-860L rev A1
D-Link DIR-860L rev B1
D-Link DIR-862L rev A1
D-Link DIR-863 rev A1
D-Link DIR-865L
D-Link DIR-867 rev A1
D-Link DIR-868L rev A1
D-Link DIR-869
D-Link DIR-878 rev A1
D-Link DIR-879
D-Link DIR-880L rev A1
D-Link DIR-882 rev A1
D-Link DIR-883 rev A1
D-Link DIR-885L rev A1
D-Link DIR-890L rev A1
D-Link DIR-895L rev A1
D-Link DIR-X6060
D-Link DIR-X9000
D-Link DSL-2500U A1
D-Link DSL-2500U/BRU/C C1
D-Link DSL-2500U/BRU/DB
D-Link DSL-2500U/BRU/D D1
D-Link DSL-2500U/BRU/D D2
D-Link DSL-2500U/BRU/D D3
D-Link DSL-2500U/BRU/D D4
D-Link DSL-2600B
D-Link DSL-2600U
D-Link DSL-2640B rev B2
D-Link DSL-2640B rev B3
D-Link DSL-2640B rev C4
D-Link DSL-2640B rev T1
D-Link DSL-2640R rev A1
D-Link DSL-2640R rev B1
D-Link DSL-2640S
D-Link DSL-2640T
D-Link DSL-2640U rev B2
D-Link DSL-2640U rev C1
D-Link DSL-2640U rev C2
D-Link DSL-2640U rev C4
D-Link DSL-2642B
D-Link DSL-2650U rev D2
D-Link DSL-2680 rev A1
D-Link DSL-2730B rev T1
D-Link DSL-2730E rev T1
D-Link DSL-2740B rev F1
D-Link DSL-2740E rev V1
D-Link DSL-2740R
D-Link DSL-2741B rev C2
D-Link DSL-2750B rev T1
D-Link DSL-2750E
D-Link DSL-2750U rev C1
D-Link DSL-2750U rev U1
D-Link DSL-2760U
D-Link DSL-2890AL rev A1
D-Link DSL-320B
D-Link DSL-3782
D-Link DSL-502T
D-Link DSL-504
D-Link DSL-504T
D-Link DSL-520
D-Link DSL-520B
D-Link DSL-6300V
D-Link DSL-6740B rev C2
D-Link DSL-6740U-G1
D-Link DSL-G604T
D-Link DSL-G620B
D-Link DSL-G624M
D-Link DSL-G624T rev A1
D-Link DSR-1000AC rev A1
D-Link DSR-1000N rev A1
D-Link DSR-150N
D-Link DSR-150N A2
D-Link DSR-250N
D-Link DSR-500N
D-Link DVA-G3342SD
D-Link DVA-G3672B
D-Link DVA-G3810BN/TL
D-Link DVG-G5402SP
D-Link DVG-N5402SP
D-Link DWL-1000AP
D-Link DWL-1000AP+
D-Link DWL-2100AP rev A5
D-Link DWL-3200AP rev A1
D-Link DWL-6600AP rev A1
D-Link DWL-700AP rev A1
D-Link DWL-7620AP rev A1
D-Link DWL-800AP+ rev A1
D-Link DWL-900AP
D-Link DWL-G700AP rev B1
D-Link DWL-G700AP rev B2
D-Link DWR-113
D-Link DWR-116 rev A1
D-Link DWR-117
D-Link DWR-118 rev A1
D-Link DWR-118 rev A2
D-Link DWR-118 rev B1
D-Link DWR-131 rev A1
D-Link DWR-2010
D-Link DWR-512
D-Link DWR-555
D-Link DWR-755 rev A1
D-Link DWR-956
D-Link TM-G5240
D-Link VWR-VR rev B1
D-Link WBR-1310 rev A1
D-Link WBR-1310 rev B1
D-Link WBR-2310 rev A1
D-Link WBR-2310 rev B1