Belkin N600 Wireless Router Review

The Belkin Router is a lot more versatile than many of its costlier counterparts. It provides faster internet without compromising too much on the coverage. This is kind of rare and one of the main reasons we chose this one among the rest of the similarly priced ones in the market. Some of the features like a dual band network are similar to what most popular D-Link routers provide. Product Highlights:
  • Provides high-speed Wi-Fiupto 600 Mbps
  • Dual-band technology
  • Comes with Media Server
  • Provides Parental control
  • Provides coverage of more than 30 feet
  • Reduces dead spots
  • Has four Ethernet LAN ports
Why Should You Buy Belkin N600 Wireless Router?


The basic job of a router is to share your internet connectivity across multiple devices. Of course, there are issues like internet congestion and coverage limits which we compare and debate. But what if you could share more than just internet? The Multi-Server technology provided by myTwonky allows you to share media. The router has a USB port to which you plug in a USB drive. You can simply transfer any photos or other media to want to any of the devices. Isn't that infinitely better than loading and unloading a hard drive or a USB drive multiple times? Or maybe you want to watch a movie on your SmartTV. This is probably the easiest way to do it.

Parental Control

There is a lot of stuff on the internet, not all of them are suitable for children to view. And you probably are uncertain about curtailing your censoring standards for your kids a little, if you allow them to use the internet. But you can easily filter out and customize the unwanted contents from your child's devices with the parental control of this router.

Preset Security Settings

While we all go through the security details of our new router in the manual, some of it can get confusing. And we get hesitant to tinker with the security even while setting it up, forget about altering it. However, once you set this router up for use, the security is already preset. You don't even have to look into it, unless you want tweak a setting of course. If you want to make any changes to preset settings, you can do that by going to admin panel at But more or less, you can just connect your devices and start using it. It also comes with a CD for the setup and a user manual which makes it very easy to use and refer to, if in doubt. You can also use the Belkin apps to control the router.

Dual Band Technology

Just like the D-Link router, the Belkin one can also support dual bandwidths and simultaneously at that. You can choose which devices to connect to the high-speed band and the low-speed one. However, some users have complained that it can sometimes drop the connection often. This can get a little annoying, but it's certainly not a deal-breaker. Wrap up The coverage is more than fine and app control allows for ease of use. You can disconnect it from the dashboard if you are too lazy to get up to do it. However, that said, just stick to light usage. It does not have enough juice to qualify as an office router. Use it at home and you won't have no issues with the internet speed or coverage.