is the default IP address of some well known home broadband routers. Some of the brands that use as router ip address for cable, broadband, wifi, DSL, ADSL routers are Actiontec, Airlink, Airlive, Asus, Aztech, Belkin, Edimax, Linksys, Microsoft, Siemens, SMC Networks, Trendnet, U.S. Robotics, Zoom, ZTE, Zyxel.

Login to Router IP Address

You can access router’s admin console by opening in browser. To do so, open any browser (Firefox, Chrome or Opera) and type in in url address bar. Do not put http before ip address. If your computer or laptop is connected to network, browser will show router admin panel webpage. As router admin page is restricted, it will ask for router admin username and password. Login using your admin username and password. You can get default router username and password from this page. If default username and password is not working, it means you have changed password in past and forgotten it. In that case you have to manually reset router. Once reset is done, you can log in using default username and password.

Once you are logged in, you can configure router settings and other network settings. IP Address Restrictions is local ip address like 192.168.l.l. It is not visible outside your local network. So you can not use this ip address to access router from outside your home. If you want to access router from office or outside home, you need to use public ip address. You need to check with broadband provider for public ip address.

Changing To Other IP Address

It is not advisable to change default ip address as you might forget it after sometime and you will have difficulty in accessing router when you want to change some settings. But if you are tech savvy and have some knowledge of networking, you can change default address from LAN settings panel. You can change it to any other local ip address like, Do note down new ip address somewhere.