is the default IP address of home broadband routers. Prominent brands that use 192.168.l00.1 as router ip address for cable, broadband, wifi, dsl routers are Huawei, Motorola, Thomson, ZTE etc.

Login to Router IP Address

Routers that use ip address for admin router panel are accessible through browser. To get to router admin page, open any browser on personal computer or laptop and type in address url bar. Try to avoid opening this on smartphone as mobile phone screen is very small and most router panel pages are not mobile friendly. Browser will connect to this ip address and show login page for router console if you are connected to network. Do not use https or http while typing in ip address. Also pay close attention to correct numerals in address. Many people make mistake while typing in numbers. Router admin page will ask for login credential as it is not accessible to everyone. If you know router username and password, type it in username and password field and click on login button.

In case you do not remember login password, you can get default username and password for router. If default username and password does not work, you have to reset router. Resetting router will erase all configuration and put router to factory settings. Then you can log in using default username and password.

After successful login, browser will display router admin console settings page, where you can configure router with LAN, WAN, wifi, security settings.

192.168.l00.1 IP Address Restrictions ip address is private ip address and it is used by device manufacture to assign it to various networking devices. So this ip address is only accessible inside local area network. You can not access it from outside your local area network. If there is need to access router from outside local area network, you can get public ip address from broadband service provider or internet service provider and ask them for help.

Changing To Other IP Address

This ip address 192.168.l00.l is assigned by device manufacture to devices. So it is not wise to change it to different ip address. Moreover even if you want to change it, you can change it other local ip addresses like,, not public ip address. If you change router ip address, do take a minute to note it down somewhere. You will need it in future when you want to access router admin console panel. If you forget this, you will have to reset router to factory settings.