is the default IP address used by some router models. Some of the brands that use 192.168.10.l as router ip address for cable, broadband, wifi, dsl routers are Cudy, D-Link, Encore, Fon Wireless, Intracom, Jetstream, Keebox, Magnadyne, Medialink, Motorola, NEC, Radiolocus, Toshiba, Trendnet, Wavlink, Wevo, Winstars, Zio, Zyxel etc.

Login to Router IP Address

Every router comes with default ip address to access admin console page. To access router admin page, open web browser and type ip address in address url bar. If router is accessible at, browser will show login page with username and password fields. Type in username and password and click on login button to log into router settings page. Once logged in, you can change router settings, LAN, WAN, wifi, network settings.

192.168.10.l Troubleshooting

Wrong Username and password

If you do not remember username and password to access router admin panel, check out default password from this page. If default password does not work, reset your router manually.

Wrong / Invalid IP Address

An IP address consist of numeric digits and it is common to make mistake while typing. Make sure that you type in correct ip address. Most of the time people miss character ‘.’ or some digits in ip address. It is advisable to copy ip address from Page Not Found

Make sure that 192.168.10.l is the ip address of your router. If you do not know default ip address of router, check details on this page.

Network Connection

Before opening ip address in browser, make sure that computer or laptop is connected to router either through wifi or Ethernet cable. Check that wifi or WAN status lights are on on router.

Restrictions on 192.168.l0.1 is private ip address and assigned home networking devices. So as suck this ip is not visible from outside home network and you can not access it from outside home network.


It is not a good idea to change default ip address Though if you are good at networking, you can certainly change it for security purpose to other private ip addresses like 192.168.l.l,, 192.168.l00.1 or Use LAN settings in router admin console to change ip address. Remember to take note of new ip address. You will not be able to access router and change any settings if you forget new ip address.