is default IP address of common Wi-Fi routers, modems used in the world. Most well known brands like Linksys, Netgear, Cisco, D-Link etc use as the default gateway or access point to access router admin console. You can access router admin panel using default login and password credentials.

In a way default ip address is your door to get into world of router and play with it. Though is most common default router ip address, some manufacturer also use other ip addresses like or as host address.

How to login to IP Address?

Getting to router admin panel through address is really easy. It does not take much time. Even a non techie person can do it in seconds. Just follow these steps to get into router.

  1. Open browser and type in address bar and press Enter. Or click here to open admin page in new window. Always remember correct ip address. Do no miss dots between numbers. Some people type 192168, 19216811 or 192 168 1 1 in hurry.
  2. If you can not get to router console page after sometime or get any error like connection timed out or page not found or site can not be reached, it means 192168ll is not your router’s up address. Find out routers ip address from this page and try again.
  3. Enter Username and Password on router admin setting page and press Enter.
  4. If do not remember Username and Password, check this article to find out default router login.
  5. After logging into router admin, you can configure various settings and control and manage your router.

FAQs about Router IP Address

What is default router ip?

Most common default router ip is Other common ip addresses are, You can check complete list of router ip address here.

My Wi-Fi is down or not working. How do I access

If you are having trouble with wifi, connect an Ethernet cable between your laptop or computer and router or modem. Please make sure that your Ethernet adapter is enabled. If it is not enabled, enable it and wait for sometime and then try to access router ip address.

Why does it say that I can’t reach the site when I enter

If you are trying to visit and getting error that site can not be reached, it means your router has different default ip address.

What router do I have?

You can find out router model from back panel of router. If your router is placed far away and you do not want to move, you can login to router panel and find out model.

Is it safe to access

Yes. It is completely safe to access as it is your router’s IP address.

Why can not I access How can I solve this?

Please check that your router is switched on and your computer or laptop can reach router either via wifi network or Ethernet cable. It is also possible that your router have different default ip address than 192.168.l.l. If you know router brand, you can check router ip address list to find our default ip address. If you do not have any information about your router, you can check detailed instructions on how to find out router default ip address here. Please also make sure that you have typed correct ip address.

Also make sure that firewall or anti virus software is not blocking this address. Try to disable firewall and antivirus program for sometime.

I have forgotten router login and password. How do I login to router?

No need to panic if you have forgotten default router login username and password. You can find out login and password info from here.

What can I do with router admin panel?

You can configure various router options like LAN configuration, WAN configuration, Wi-Fi settings, Security settings, DSL / ADSL settings, DNS settings, DHCP settings, Routing, Parent Control, DMZ, Access Control List, Dynamic DNS, NAT, Filtering etc.

How to change wifi password?

First lets be clear that there is nothing called wifi password. Whenever you want to connect to wifi network, you need to provide network security key. Network security key is different from router admin password. Router admin password is used for accessing router admin panel while network security key is used for connecting to wifi network. You can change router password or network security key from router management console.

How to reset password for 192.168.l.l?

Connect to router by going to Look for password reset settings tab and change password. Always keep a strong password to protect your routers from being hacked. Never use common word and personal identification info for password.

What does the IP address ‘’ mean? is part of private addresses that are reserved for private local network. It is mostly used by router companies. Companies set this as default host address in routers. No other device in network will have same address.

Why cannot I access from my smartphone?

To get to 19216811 from smartphone, make sure that you are connected to wifi network of router. If you are not connected, switch off your mobile data and connect to wifi. Then access router setting page from browser.

Can I connect to routerĀ  from office?

If your router has static ip address and if your broadband service provider allow access to it from outside, you can connect to it from outside. But in most cases, this is not the case. So you can not connect from outside. This is done for security reasons.