IP address is the default ip address of many routers manufactured by Netgear, Motorola, Linksys and D-Link etc. This address also acts as default gateway address to all devices connected to router or modem forming local area network. Router assigns ip address other than 192.168.O.1 to computer, laptop, smartphone, printer, cameras etc connected to it. This is necessary to avoid conflict among devices in LAN and operate network smoothly. Some other models use ip address or as default router login address.

How to login to 192.168.0.l Router Panel

If you want to access router’s admin console, follow these instructions.

  • Open browser and type in address bar and press Enter. Alternatively click here –
  • It will open router login panel webpage. Login panel will ask for username and password for authentication. Enter default username and password in data fields and press Enter.
  • If router login and password details are correct, you will reach admin console. Once inside router control panel, you can change configuration and make changes in router settings. You can also change router password.
  • If login fails, it means either you have made some mistake while typing username and password or you have provided wrong credentials.

FAQs About

Why can not I access

So you have typed in your browser’s address bar and pressed Enter key. Your browser status is showing as connecting. But after sometime nothing happens and browser shows error. That means your browser’s default ip address is not It is located at ip address or or some other ip address. If you are not sure about router host address, either find it out from router ip address list or manually find out reading this guide on how to find router ip address.

Default Router Username and Password List

If you are not sure of login information, you can find out default login id and password of any router from this list.

What routers have 192.168.O.1 as default admin ip address?

Some of the manufacturers who use as router admin ip address in their routers or modems are 2Wire, Actiontec, Eminent, Huawei, LevelOne, Linksys, Motorola, Netgear, Netopia, Planet, Senao, Siemens, Sitecom, SMC Networks, Thomson, TP-Link, Trendnet, ZTE, Zyxel etc.

What are common mistakes that people make while accessing

Many people make mistake while typing ip address in browser address bar. Some common incorrect entries are 19216801, 192.16801, 192-168-0-1, 192.168.o.1, 192.168.01, 192.168..01, 192.168.01., 192.168-01, 192.168 l 0,  etc.


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